HDFURY - HDMI till RGB adapter (liten bild)

HDFURY - HDMI till RGB adapter

HDFURY - HDMI till RGB adapter

För dig som har RGB-ingång men vill använda högupplösta HDMI-signaler.
Slut på lager - 2-7 dagars leveranstid.
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HDfury is a revolutionnary product that allows you to use in full resolution (1080p) any HDMI/DVI device on PC monitor, video projector or older HDTV/Plasma that are without a HDMI entry!

If you own a high quality monitor/projector/tv that does not have a HDMI connector you need this device, it will save you from buying a new expensive screen to enjoy 1080p resolution when your screen can already support it!

HDfury module will transform any "technically able" ANALOG display into a DIGITAL display performing a perfect visual HD&Full HD fury @ 720p/1080p from any HDMI/HDCP sources such as PS3, X360 Elite, HD-DVD&Blu-Ray player, SAT&Cable HDTV setbox, HDMI graphic card, and more.

Since firmware 1.80 Playstation3 allow DVD upscalling to 720p/1080p ONLY
through HDMI ! (as well as PS1 and PS2 games)


DVI/HDMI(HDCP) input/convertor module for RGB display (so-called "HDfury 1080prgb").

DVI-D 24p Female Port Input (100% digital).
A HDMI -> DVI-D cable can be use to connect to an HDMI source.
RGB 4:4:4 (8 bits) digital input (every HDMI source MUST be RGB 4:4:4 compatible).
Compatible with non-HDCP or HDCP sources.
Compatible with any RGB Display
Directly connect to VGA input.
Easy to install within a minute. (PlugandPlay)
10 bits 175MHz triple video DAC - Inter-DAC : 2%
RGB-H/V Male Port D-SUB 15 Output video analog signals (0,7Vpp over 75 ohms impedance)
Ultra short Analog links (<1 cm) on the HD fury RGB 1080p for optimal quality.
DVI video bandwidth in VGA/RVB outputs: 25-165MHz
DVI Data Rate - Bandwidth 1.65 Gbps (Single link)
Maximum resolutions: UWXGA (1920x1200) at 60Hz or SXGA (1280x1024) at 85Hz Computer compatible (PC, Mac)
HDTV ready (480p/576p/720p/1080i/1080p48/50/60 compatible)
DVI1.0 compliant / HDMI interoperable and HDCP ready
HD-DVD and Blue Ray Disc players compatible
HDCP compatible with embedded keys loaded.
Energy management : DVI et VESA DPMS compatible.
Ultra low power consumption in Standby (3,5mA)
Maximum power : 0.4A under 5V (at 165MHz pixel clock)
On-board DC/DC converter (15V to 5V) with extra-low EMI signature
Power +5V from DVI/HDMI
Blue LED to display active digital link.
Low cost solution ? Single IC solution
Small size : 75x56mm black cabinet
Installation: the RGB 1080p module is DIRECTLY screwed to the back of the display (where VGA/YUV SUB-D plugs stand).
Shortest RGB analog video link as possible
HDCP rules compliant: no end-user access to decrypted analog video. Once screwed, this module becomes "a part of the display itself".
Professional factory made (mass-production) using pick/place and reflow/wave solder pro. equipment.
Gold Platted connectors, tracks and material

Warranty Info One year warranty
Use your display now, and get much more value when you resell it !
It maximum output limit are above the 1080p resolution which makes this device absolutely hassle free to handle 1080p video data flow continuously during years !
HDfury DVI to VGA signal converter delivers clean video at the highest resolution up to 1920x1080P.
The in-line adapter is simple to install, connect to any VGA display and run a DVI cable to your source.
The DDA delivers native resolution video with the internal 1.65Gbps bandwidth, ideal for both PC and AV sources

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