XCM 1080P VGA adapter för component video / HD / Progressive scan (liten bild)

XCM 1080P VGA adapter for component video / HD / Progressive scan

XCM 1080P VGA adapter for component video / HD / Progressive scan

Connect XBOX, XBOX 360, WII, PS3 or other HD / Component / Progressive scan video sources to a VGA monitor
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Connect DVD players with progressive scan, video game consoles or HD TV video sources and experience the highest quality picture quality on a standard PC monitor or TV / projector with VGA input.

Support for 480p, 540p, 720p, 1080i, 1080P

The input is of type 3 RCA female and accepts only component video in the form Pb / Y / Pr (different video sources may have different designations for this, eg YPrPb). It does NOT support RGB.

It includes component video cables for XBOX360, PS3 and Nintendo WII
We do NOT recommend this product for Playstation 1 or Playstation 2. PS1 can never display 480P. The PS2 can only display 480P in some specific cases, e.g. when watching DVD movie and 1080i with Gran Turismo 4 and Shadow of Colossus. Otherwise, the PS2 only shows 480i and then this adapter does NOT give any picture!
NOTE - you must configure the console to display at least 480P before you get a picture. To do this, you can easily connect the green connector of the component video cable to the usual yellow video input on a TV. Then you get (black and white) picture even on a TV that does not have component video inputs. (If I remember wrong ... try the red or blue plug instead, NOT the white / red ones that sound).
This adapter gets its power supply via a supplied USB cable. So you need to have a PC or a video game console with a free USB port nearby. If you do not have it then you also get a USB hub with the associated power supply.
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