Licence Plate Cover (liten bild)

License Plate Cover

License Plate Cover

Protects your license plates from snow or hides them when you are racing
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Click on a larger image to see a detailed picture of what the product contains.

NOTE! The product is a Roller curtain variant, not a trap version with lever that can be perceived by the picture!

Use it as a registration plate holder, and hide your signs in 2-3 seconds with a single click!

Unique registration plate holder

You get with two metal frames in sheet metal for front / rear use with integrated roller blind that covers your signs and eliminates them from being dirty / visible.

When you press a button on the supplied remote control or on the controller, a black roller shutter will fall down o protect your clean signs from dirt.


You can choose between controlling the curtain for one sign at a time or both at once. A buzzer and a LED indicate a folded or folded curtain, and even if the unit is choking for some reason.

The control unit can be mounted in the car under the dashboard, glove compartment or under a seat or alternatively in the engine compartment, however it should be kept in mind that it does not like wet or dirt. The two external LEDs should be visibly mounted so that you see an indication if the curtains are up / down.

The remote control

Included with this kit as a bonus is a small remote control with antenna that runs on batteries that will operate at a distance up to 30 meters. It also has a LED to indicate that it is activated and pulls up / down the curtains on the display holder either one or both at a time.

Note: This product should only be used to protect your car's registration plates from dirt. They can be used advantageously at car fairs, racing lanes or private roads and parking lots. Please note that the product is not allowed to be used in those countries where it is illegal to operate your vehicle with the roller blinds down. Use common sense or do not use them for illegal purposes.

We have not tested the product ourselves but look forward to a customer review with pictures / videos of our dear customers who have already bought these.

Dimensions: 525mm (Wide) * 135mm (High) * 25mm (Depth) Weight: 3.2Kg

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