Super Mini ELM327 Blåtands OBDII adapter (liten bild)

Super Mini ELM327 Blue-tooth OBDII adapter

Super Mini ELM327 Blue-tooth OBDII adapter

Flexible adapter for reading the car's OBDII error codes using the mobile phone
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ELM 327
Bluetooth / Bluetooth

A very flexible adapter for car diagnostics. Most vehicles manufactured after the 1996 model year have OBD II sockets for standardized readout of engine parameters and fault codes. For example. speed, temperature, fault codes for exhaust gas cleaning etc.

It is advantageous to use your android phone to connect to the adapter via bluetooth. There are plenty of applications for different purposes, a good start is Torque Lite which can display the most common error codes and extinguish the engine failure lamp CEL / Check Engine Light. If you have an iphone / ipad, the WIFI version of the ELM327 is recommended, otherwise you have to jailbreak and buy a program for about 50: - before you can connect to the reader. Iphone standard can only communicate with headsets over bluetooth.

Pairing PIN: 1234

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