Venom X4 - Gamingmus + FPS kontroller för XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, Playstation 4 och Playstation 3.

Tuact Venom X4 - Customer Returned Item

Tuact Venom X4 - Customer Returned Item



Adapter for playing with Mouse + Keyboard on XBOX One, XBOX 360, Playstation 4 or Playstation 3. Even with games that otherwise can only be played with regular game controller. Use either the included gaming mouse + joystick control and / or regular USB mouse / keyboard

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Tuact Venom X4 is the ultimate combination of Mouse and Joystick for console and PC players.

Use either the included game mouse + joystick control and / or regular USB mouse / keyboard when playing on your Playstation 3/4 or XBOX 360 / One


Inspired by the very popular and best-selling Venom-X mouse controller, the Venom X4 is a completely new design by the manufacturer Tuact.
Several improvements and upgrades will enhance your gaming experience. Faster, more accurate and more convenient to use!

Venom-X4 supports all models of Sony Playstation 3 and Playstation 4, Microsoft XBOX 360 and One including PS3 Slim, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro and Xbox One S. Tuact continuously upgrades software / firmware as new versions of the consoles are released.

The controller is equipped with a completely new version of the Tuact Guidance System (TGS-II). TGS-II has up to 10% better optimized tracking accuracy than previous versions. It also gives better precision in how to move in the game, both in terms of slow micro-movements as well as fast high-speed movements.

The new Venom-X4 mouse has a 12000CPI sensor, 250IPS maximum speed and 50g acceleration. In short, this means that you can move farther and faster in the game with less hand movements.

If you previously had to use a PC with Windows to make all the settings, this new controller can connect with an Android-based mobile phone or tablet over WIFI.

What's New in Venom X4:

  • The mouse and joystick have got new, smaller and more optimal design with better ergonomics
  • All buttons are equipped with durable "Tact switches" with faster reactions
  • The algorithm that translates mouse movements has become 8-10% more accurate and gives close to 100% 1: 1 effect of how the mouse movement controls the game.
  • Ability to configure all settings and game profiles from an Android App.


Two simultaneous layouts are active when playing. Both Venom mouse + joystick and 3: single mouse and keyboard can be used together.

The mouse has 6 buttons that can be mapped to keyboard printing directly without the base station when playing on PC

The Venom-X4 automatically detects which video game console you are using it by detecting the connected controller.

You can save 6 Profiles

The mouse - 12000DPI, 250IPS, 50g acceleration. The mouse DPI can be adjusted separately in X and Y joints. CPI can be adjusted while playing.

1000Hz polling rate for the most discerning player.

Two metal weights to adjust the weight of the mouse are included.

3 regular mouse buttons, 6 extra buttons and a scroll wheel. 7 buttons and a joystick on the other controller. All buttons and joystick are fully programmable.

You can also use mouse and keyboard from other manufacturers.

Compatible with PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX One and Windows PC.

Settings are made via Windows PC or Android phone / tablet.

Most settings can be changed via hotkeys while playing.

Up to 6 predefined profiles can be saved.

It is possible to use autofire.

The package includes:

1 x Venom X4 Gamer Mouse
1 x Venom X4 FPS Controller
1 x Venom X4 Transceiver
2 x Joystick Thumb Rubber Caps
1 x Micro USB Cable for Transceiver
1 x Micro USB cable for PS4 XBox One controller
1 x PS4 Controller Cable Holder
1 x XBox One Controller Cable Holder
2 x Iron Weights
1 x User’s Manual

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