Cygnos 360 Version 2 (JTAG) (liten bild)

Cygnos 360 Version 2 (JTAG)

Cygnos 360 Version 2 (JTAG)

With this chip you can run dual kernels on your 360.
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Can switch betwean two kernel versions on your xbox 360.

New batch in stock (rev. E).

Note: Cygnos V2 is not compatible with jasmin XBox 360 256Mb.

Cygnos360 is a Modchip that allows you to have more than one kernel version on your xbox 360. Currently users can only have either a vulnerable kernel version (4532 or 4548) OR the current kernel version that is neccessary to use xbox live and play the newest games.

Cygnos360 enables you to conveniently switch between your "live kernel" and your "homebrew kernel". You can also use Cygnos360 to switch between PAL and NTSC kernels.

************************************************** *******
2009-08 Latest news: A new exploit has been found on the xbox360 which allows arbitrary code execution on ALL xbox360 models.

This new exploit will allow to directly boot homebrew on xenon, zephyr, falcon, opus, jasper. Our chip is ideal to flash and host this new custom kernel for the xbox 360. You can find some information here:

The solution will allow you to recover the DVD key from the mainboard if it has been lost.
************************************************** *******

Cygnos360 V2 benefits:

Integrated the "jtag hack" to enable users to have homebrew applications while still being able to have a secondary kernel for xbox360 games.

The only dual kernel on the market and the only one
reliable way to read and program the Xbox360s onboard NAND flash. Support for xenon, falcon, zephyr, opus as well as jasper (16) mainboards.

The new Cygnos360 V2 software called "Toolbox" enables users to easily extract the CPU key and use it to retrieve a lost DVD key.

Reading and flashing takes less than two minutes and no command lines are necessary.

Contains own firmware which is updatable to enable future usages by simply applying an update.

The easy and quick installation is ideal for chippers who perform install
services for their customers.

NOTE: Cygnos360 does not contain any kernel image! It is shipped empty! Cygnos360 does NOT enable "backups" it is NOT for the DVD drive. You need to have an infectus programmer or another programmer to flash the Cygnos360.

In the Xbox 360, on-board NAND flash memory stores important data like the hypervisor, kernel, and key vault.

Through installation of Cygnos 360, the onboard NAND flash memory is complemented by another NAND flash memory contained on the Cygnos 360 printed circuit board.

Being able to choose between both NAND flash memories opens up a variety of new fascinating possibilities. The following list tries to give you an idea of what can be done with Cygnos 360:

choose between the newest kernel for playing games or a vulnerable kernel for running Linux

play imported games or movies by switching your region code

Cygnos v2 features:

downgrade Xbox360 (production before August 2007 and non-HDMI)

switch between the kernel on your Xbox360 and the kernel on Cygnos360 V2 (for example for region-code switching or switching to homebrew / exploitable kernel)

no lifting of CE pin or cutting of traces neccessary

protect your data by storing offline information on the Cygnos360 V2 NAND flash and avoid banning (dirty-NAND concept)

directly downgrade on the Cygnos360 V2 NAND flash - easy quicksolder installation of Cygnos360 V2

Cygnos360 V2 firmware can be upgraded and downgraded to any version in the field

Built from high quality components

downgrading takes 1h15m on average on a middle-class PC

Reading from and writing to flash takes less than a minute each

easy to use

a reliable downgrading solution (Xenon mainboards) - run Linux (Xenon mainboards)

read and flash your Xbox360 and Cygnos360 V2 NAND flash in less than one minute

Infectus is no longer needed for any of the functions

Please note that some of the possible uses of Cygnos 360 require you to know your Xbox 360 CPU key. At the moment, this key can
only be extracted by booting a vulnerable kernel, such as version 4532 or 4548. If your current kernel version is newer than 4548, you will have to downgrade, which is up to date only possible with non HDMI Xbox 360 models (as far as we know production dates earlier than July 2007 are safe)

A kernel version older than 4532 does not pose a problem, since it can be upgraded to either version 4532 or 4548.

Does not work with RGH jtag

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