LPC-H2148 USB adapter färdig för NANDPRO (liten bild)

LPC-H2148 USB adapter ready for NANDPRO

LPC-H2148 USB adapter ready for NANDPRO

The best adapter for those who want to hack the XBOX 360 with NANDPRO
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If you want to experiment with the NAND memory in your XBOX 360 to restore functions after BAN, play with freeBOOT, XEXLOADER, run LINUX or other loaders then it is quickest and easiest to use NANDPRO together with an Olimex LPC-H2148.

Connect the LPC-2148 according to the instructions on the internet to your xbox 360 and via a standard USB cable to your PC, you can read / write your NAND many times faster than if you use parallel port.

We supply the adapter pre-programmed for use with Nandpro 2.0d

You get with 2pcs 1N4148 switch diodes which is enough to modify 1st xbox 360. Contact us if you need more, we take 5: - / pc ice case.
Otherwise, ELFA part number is 70-005-57
At ELFA, the diodes cost about 2: - / pc if you buy the diodes one at a time. If you buy 100, they cost about 18 öre / pcs, 1000 pcs about 11 öre / pcs.

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