Maximus Vampire (Xtractor pro addon) Spear (liten bild)

Maximus Vampire (Xtractor pro addon) Spear

Maximus Vampire (Xtractor pro addon) Spear

Accessories for 360 Xtractor pro for easier reading of little-on firmware!
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Probe for reading the liteon dvd key without having to solder!
A great addon tool for Xtractor Pro. '
No soldering is required anymore to get dvd info your lite-on DVD drive.
With the spear and the new software is as easy as it gets!
1. Open the unit, 2. Hold spear on a single point on the lite-on drive ... Your done! Info is now grabbed!

This device will help professional installers do the firmware reading on the latest Liteon drives (83850V2 & 93450).
Update 2010-04: We confirm that Vampire works with all Winbond Chipset Liteon Drives.

Its based on the MRA concept and 100% compatible with all Xtractor units, it connects directly to the Xtractor pin port. It came with 2 visual indicators, one for polarity check and other for Vendor Mode.

The Vempire can be reused to flash many DVDs, while the Litekey is intended to be used on one DVD.

If you are a professional installer - we recommend the Vampire . It is a re-usable tool. It requires some more care and some extra steps to do the updates in the future.
The package includes: Spear-probe + cable to connect spear with xtractor pro.
NOTE ONLY WORKS WITH Maximus 360 Xtractor Pro!
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