ProgSkeet 1.21 - Black Tar Edition (liten bild)

ProgSkeet 1.21 - Black Tar Edition

ProgSkeet 1.21 - Black Tar Edition

ProgSkeet is all you need to flash all kinds of circuits! Whether it is NAND, NOR or other types of EEPROM.
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ProgSkeet is all you need to flash all kinds of circuits! Whether it is NAND, NOR or other types of EEPROM. Just solder, plug in and write / read the memory!

On version 1.21, the most cosmetic changes to 1.2
• Gilded connection points

On version 1.2, the following has been added since version 1.1
• New more compact and stable circuit board in 4 layers
• External / slave card with USB connector, LEDs and memory bank switch
• 15 pin FCC cable for connection to the slave card
• SPI bus via FCC cable for future expansion
• 100% support for WINSKEET
• Open DLL program interface for integration with 3rd party software

On version 1.1 we find two news:
• A ZIF50 connector for connecting to solder-free adapters, such as 360-Clip.
• Adjustable power supply, 1.8V and 3.3V, for use with iPhone for example.

ProgSkeet works great for:
• Programming: Reprogram NAND / NOR / EEPROM circuits.
• Teaching: Experiment and learn about how circuit boards work.
• Recovery: Make a backup of your firmware that you can restore when something goes wrong.

• Reads and writes in racing speed!
• Updates to both software and hardware based on user feedback.
• Widespread application, from everything from experimenting to repairing damaged data.
• Works for example with: Xbox 360, Wii, PS3 and iPhone.
• Same advanced features as many industrial programmers for over 1000 €.

Remember, for accuracy and speed, choose ProgSkeet!

NOTE! In order to update the firmware in ProgSkeet, you must have a JTAG USB programmer such as the NAND-X or LPC-H2148 adapter we sell. You can also use Injectus.

To use it with solderless adapters it is required to have "ACTEL PROGSKEET" firmware v.111126 or later. You can find the latest version on the manufacturer's website.
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