Xecuter CoolRunner 3 PRO 1.0S -( RGH1 o 2 ) (liten bild)

Xecuter CoolRunner 3 PRO 1.0S - (RGH1 o 2)

Xecuter CoolRunner 3 PRO 1.0S - (RGH1 o 2)

RGH jtag chip with support for "FULL POST" for Xbox 360 Slim
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Xecuter CR3 Pro v1.0S

This product is aimed at those who want a stable high performance RGH mode, with great possibilities for fine tuning installation.
CR3 Pro is not for people looking for the cheapest solution.

This version of CR 3 PRO Kit does not include QSB or Nand programmers, but may be purchased separately.
It comes with Cables pre-installation without QSB :)

Team-Xecuter has developed this mod chip so it should fit directly with J-R Programmer V2 (which we now sell separately)
Other words for using the "CR3 Pro Rater" function and programming boats chip and motherboard then you have to have JR Programmer V2.

The chip supports so-called FULL POST for Trinity, Corona v1 & Corona v2. without making any modifications to existing hardware.
To run this chip with Corona V3 and Corona V4 motherboard, Postfix adapter is needed, however, the "Full POST" feature is not supported.

The chip also works directly with DemoN via Flatkabel.

Included with the product:
  • Xecuter CR3 Pro v1.0S FULL POST
  • Xecuter FULL POST SLIM QSB v2
  • 7th Ceramic Cap Kit (10pf, 22pf, 30pf, 47pf, 68pf, 82pf, 100pf)
  • FFC POST_OUT Ribbon Cable - Trinity
  • FFC POST_OUT Ribbon Cable - Corona
  • CR3 Pro Install Wires (Optional if no QSB Used)
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