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Wii to HDMI

Wii to HDMI

Get HDMI output on your Wii.
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NOTE - This product does not work with "WII MINI" because the console simply lacks the component video signal / 480P that this adapter needs to convert to HDMI

Wii to HDMI is a small adapter that gives you full 1080p HDMI signal and can handle all video modes Wii can feed it with, 480i, 480p, 576i and 576p. With just one HDMI cable you can then connect audio and video to your TV / monitor!

- Video and audio via HDMI.
- No special installation required.
- Works with all video modes Wii can output, 480i, 480p, 576i and 576p.
- No external power is required.
- Best option for a tight budget.

WiiToHDMI adapter is preset on HDMI 1080p output.
To change the "output mode":

1: Turn off your wii, unplug the hdmi cable from the WiiToHDMI adapter.
2: Start Wii'n.
3: Wait a while.
4: Turn off the Wii.
5: Insert the HDMI cable. - start wii'n it has changed output mode.
According to the manufacturer, it will keep the last change until you restart the wii'n without the hdmi cable connected.

The 4 different output modes with their order how the adapter selects them ..:
HDMI 1080p -> DVI 1080p -> HDMI 720p -> DVI 720p. (then it goes back to hdmi output 1080p)

Having trouble getting no sound on the HDMI cable?
Then your adapter is set to one of the DVI outputs.

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