Reparation av xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death (liten bild)

Repair of xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death

Repair of xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death

Repair of xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death
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2011-01-05 From now on, we will NOT receive RROD repairs via mail order. If you still send in your 360 and want it repaired for RROD repair, the work is done "without guarantee" as repaired 360 seems to have a hard time managing the journey by mail and we will not get any profit if we are to pay for shipping costs at rebounds.

We repair most RROD error codes on the Xbox 360 for 700: - and upgrade the software on your 360 to the latest available to your 360 reader if you say for +200 SEK. After the repair, we provide a 6 month warranty for the error code for which the console has been submitted.

The CPU + GPU processors in the box are remodeled by hand with professional equipment and the holders for the heat sinks are replaced with more efficient variants, as well as applying cooling pads for the memory circuits on the underside of the motherboard.
If we cannot presumably repair your Xbox 360, you only pay SEK 350, which is our normal service charge.

We reserve the right to have the machine with us for repair from 4-8 weeks , this is because we often get many machines and would like to test the units so they do not die prematurely with us.
A long-term test with graphics-intensive games with us usually takes 1-3 days and we would like to count on the test time in the service time. So if someone happened to write 1-2 weeks on the unit for estimated service time, we reserve the right because it may take longer if it is precisely that your machine does not pass our tests. We think it's better for the machines to dumb down with us who work with them than with our frustrated customers ..
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