XBOX tomt skal (svart) (liten bild)

XBOX blank shell (black)

XBOX blank shell (black)

XBOX shell without fan, etc. We only have black shells now.
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(No game controller included, I just reused an old photo)

We have some empty shells above, which are popular for customers who want to experiment with chassis modifications, coloring, etc.

Note - we have mostly xbox v1.6 shells, not sure we can deliver older shells!

Often it is brand new shells from xboxes we plundered to sell other parts, sometimes it is easily used shells from slaughtered broken xbox. If you also want to include the fan or the game controller ports you can enter it, then there is a cost for these.


We cannot guarantee to 100% that you get a shell that is perfectly adapted to your motherboard! ALWAYS check that the base plate ground points, ie the plastic pins that stick together with the aluminum, can only contact the corresponding ground points on your motherboard. If it goes wrong, the motherboard is short-circuited and breaks! Cut off unsuitable plastic spikes and insulate with some electrical tape.
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