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Trådlös PS3 handkontroll till PC adapter

Trådlös PS3 handkontroll till PC adapter


Använd din Dual Shock 3 (PS3) handkontroll på PC med denna adapter.

Fullt stöd för Xinput och Vibrations funktioner, som gör det lättare och roligare att använda med PC spel.

Xinput är standarden för kontroller stöd i PC spel.

Mycket bättre lösning än motion in joy drivrutinerna

Description :
- Wirelessly connects your PS3 controllers to your PC by USB.
- Bluetooth v2.1 with EDR (enhanced data rate) for superior wireless performance.
- Supports Turbo / Auto Fire function (see "Operation Notes").
- Supports the Games for Windows.
- Supports the built-in Vibration Feedback with no delays
- DirectInput mode, the bundled software is needed for Vibration.
- Functioning distance of up to 33 feet away from adapter.
- Input Switch with 2 input protocol modes for extra versatility.
- Direct Input (standard HID protocol) supports 4 controllers at the same time.
- Xinput (Xbox 360 protocol) supports one controller per individual adapter.
- All buttons, shoulder triggers, analog sticks and their ''click-in'' tops are fully functional.
- Compatible with Windows 98,XP,Vista and Windows 7,Windows 8 ,32 bit and 64 bit.

Better than motioninjoy

Step 1: Install the driver software from the included CD.
Step 2: Plug the adapter into an empty USB slot on your PC.
Step 3: For the initial syncing, plug the Mini USB cable into the controller's charging port and plug the USB end into an empty USB slot on your computer, then press and hold the "PS” logo button on the controller until the LED on the controller stops flashing. Once the syncing process is complete, the LED on the controller will stay lit and you may remove the USB charging cable for wireless play.
Step 4: Switch to "DINPUT” or "XINPUT” mode by using the switch located on the side.
Step 5: To disconnect all controllers and turn off the adapter, use the micro On/Off switch located on the side

- If the Input Switch is set to the "Direct Input" mode, the controllers are recognized as standard Human Interface Device. Your controllers can be calibrated at the Windows Gamepad Setup screen. Up to four controllers can be recognized by a single adapter while in this mode.
- Setting the switch to "Xinput Mode" will make it possible to fool certain PC games which lock out proper input modes from the user unless an Xbox controller is attached (for a list of these games, check Wikipedia). While in Xinput Mode Vibration Feedback is available. The drawback is that while in this mode, only one controller can be recognized by the adapter.
- How to set the Turbo function:
- To set Turbo for individual buttons, press and hold the PS logo button and the button you wish to set Turbo for. To remove the setting for that specific button, press and hold the PS logo button and the button you previously set Turbo for. To clear all Turbo settings for all buttons, quickly press the PS logo button twice within half of a second.
-If you want to map your buttons to Keyboard Keys, look for Joy2Key software online.

- Weight : 53.5g
- Size : 7.9 x 5 x 1.5 cm
- Cable Length : 95cm

Product picture is for reference only. Due to different display screen may bring huge color difference to the same picture, please understand there may occur color range difference of the physical product. We don't hold any responsibility to the color difference and will not accept about such related complaint .

Package Includes :
1 x Wireless PS3 Controller Adapter
1 x CD Rom


Artikelnummer: PCWLRPS3

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