Automatisk HDMI switch / växlare (liten bild)

Automatisk HDMI switch / växlare

Automatisk HDMI switch / växlare

Koppla flera källor till samma HDMI-uttag
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Tired of Switching? Here is the solution. Talismoon HDMI Auto Switch lets you connect 3 HDMI devices to your screen and switches automatically to the device YOU want! For example, if no device is turned on and you power one on, it will automatically switch to it. Turn a second one on, and it will jump to that new device. Turn it off, it will go back to first one etc. No need to waste time finding the remote and switching back and forth all the time, the HDMI Auto Switch does the job for you

A small (easy to hide) and smart HDMI 1.3 switch that make old HDMI switches pointless! Excellent performance characteristics allows source devices to be used with HDMIT cables up to 15 meters away using AWG 28 HDMI cables at resolutions up to 1080P FULL HD!
This product is confirmed and tested to pass 1080p FULLHD and the new Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio lossless audio formats found on Blu-ray.


Specifications :

- Compact in size (only 5cm x 5cm).
- 3 HDMIT/DVI-D (hdcp) inputs.
- 1 HDMIT/DVI-D (hdcp) output.
- HDCP compliant.
- No IR Remote needed.
- No Power Supply needed in most cases.
- Auto selects any active input signal from the three inputs to the single HDMIT output.
- Manual selection button (for manually selecting an input if needed).
- Signaling rates up to 10.2Gbits in support of 1080P Full HD displays.
- Powerful receiver equalization to compensate for 15m HDMI cable losses.
- Pre-emphasis to compensate for PCB losses.
- Each HDMIT port supports HDMI or DVI inputs.
- Dust covers provided for unused inputs.
- Smart Function (Auto Selection)
- HDMIT signal to the display. As result of this functionality, user could use simple method of power off/on sources to choose the desired HDMIT signal. If several sources are powered on, the last powered source will be chosen. This allows the switch to still be used with sources that are always on such as cable TV and satellite receivers.

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