Infectus Hitachi 79 Key 1.2 (med FL-stöd) (liten bild)

Infectus Hitachi 79 Key 1.2 (med FL-stöd)

Infectus Hitachi 79 Key 1.2 (med FL-stöd)

Modchip som aktiverar Mode-B i Hitachi 79
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  • The Flash079 is a neat device that lets you read and flash the firmware of your Hitachi 0079FK drive (with the latest Maximus Toolbox).
    Flash079 is a stand alone modchip made from infectus team, is not necessary to buy INFECTUS MODCHIP to use this item.
    For the Infectus modchip users will be release a free firmware to support this functionality, this device is in sell only to give a cheaper solution for 079hitachi users.
  • Another new feature that we want to add is a REAL TIME patching of the firmware part that you want to be emulated from the chip. Being the 512Kb flash not enough to store a real dual firmware, we'll have to wait for the first hacked firmware to understand if a "realtime" patching will be possible. In case we won't be able to find more ideas, a new version of Infectus with a memory expantion bay will be released.

  • What you're getting with this:
    - direct boot into ModeB
    - Flashing and reading of the firmware of your drive
    - Stealth when not active (leave it soldered in and just solder a jumper)
    - Based on Xilinx CPLD for stable and reliable patching
    - Only available solution for Europe
    - Low-cost (10? retail price)

  • Pro:
    - Allows you to flash a 79FK drive as if it were an older drive
    - Goes straight to ModeB (no Slax needed anymore)
    - Works as an Unbricker for i.e. 59 (like Chillimod) - Very cheaper solution

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