SunDisk 16GB (liten bild)

SunDisk 16GB

SunDisk 16GB

Fungerar på alla modeller av Wii
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Plug and play, no soldering, USB file transfer. Supports all Wii modells including D3-2. Runs ISO files and can make backups.
SunDisk is latest generation of mod chips. It works on ALL wii chipsets and use ISO files to emulate DVD. Installation is very easy!

? 8Gbyte version can store one Wii D5 and one GC game, and support D9
? 16Gbyte version can store three Wii D5 games at the same time

SunDisk is hardware only sollution, no soft mod. The benefit is that you can not brick your Wii, you don not risk to corrupt the wiis nand.

The SunDisk chip has internal memory, high-speed SSD memory type, same kind as SSD drives in some notebooks etc. You must connect your PC with Windows (Win2K, XP, Vista, Win7) using USB to be able to transfer transfer files from/to the chips internal memory.

SunDisk is also really easy to use!

Main features:

make legal backups of your own Wii/GC original DVD to SunDisk memory and upload it to PC as ISO files

download DVD backups from PC to SunDisk memory

play all D5/D9/GC multi-games with 8X full-speed directly from SunDisk fast memory

very fast USB 2 transfers


Technical specifications:
? plug and play,100% solderless
? come with A.I. Boot to auto choose region, support JAP/USA/KOR/EUR all regions perfectly,100% smart and play & play!
? support all old and last wiis
? support D5/D9 games
? support homebrew roms
? support GC games
? support all Wii games with same region
? support partial Wii games with different region
? come with LED indication on board
? support USB update CPLD core and EEPROM firmware, never out day (use Nero USB programmer, sold separatly)
? come with external switch configure board, can change the SUNDISK setting and not need open your Wii anymore, even not
need burn DVD to do it
? running noise : ZERO
? running speed: >8X , backup one D5 game just need 15minutes
? data transfer : USB 2.0 high speed
? can use PC configure or external switch configure, choose by yourself
? can use as Wii drive or PC SSD, have dual working mode, choose by yourself
? can use as high-speed READYBOOST(NTFS format) device under the VISTA and WIN7
? compatible with VISTA, and WIN7 64bit system
? support DMS/D2A/D2B/D2C/D2C2/D2E/D3/D3-2(NOTHING) all system!

NOTE: To update SunDisk firmware you will need the Nero Dual USB Programmer (sold separatly), see below.

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