Xecuter Coolrunner - Chip för Reset Glitch Hack (JTAG) (liten bild)

Xecuter Coolrunner - Chip för Reset Glitch Hack (JTAG)

Xecuter Coolrunner - Chip för Reset Glitch Hack (JTAG)

JTAG för Xbox 360 Slim och äldre enheter med Jasper/Falcon/Zephyr-moderkort
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Baserat på GliGli-hacken, en typ av "Reset Glitch Hack". Sänder timade signaler i intervaller tills sin osignerade kod kickar igång. Efter det kan man starta vilka program man vill. Fungerar med Xbox 360 Slim och äldre enheter med Jasper/Falcon/Zephyr-moderkort.

Kräver bara 7 lödkablar på Slim och 6 lödkablar på Phat.

Om du inte har egen xilinx-kompatibel programmeringskabel kan du som tillval låta oss programmera chippet före leverans.


World famous XBOX hardware developers Team Xecuter are happy to introduce the Xecuter CoolRunner - The Ultimate Reset Glitch Mod !

In early September 2011, Xbox scene homebrew gurus Tiros and GliGli announced that there was finally a way to boot unsigned (homebrew) code on Xbox Phat & Slim models regardless of which kernel was installed ! (before now JTAGing a console for homebrew was limited to very old versions of console/kernel and thus made them very difficult and expensive to buy)

The possibilities for homebrew on the Xbox 360 are endless. There have been hundreds of extra features since JTAGing became possible - from your own custom dashboards to legally backing up all your games to a huge 1TB hard drive !

Coolrunner can be used in conjunction with the Xecuter NAND-X Nand Flasher kits (and works probably well with any nand flasher devices).

This simple addon has been designed to work out of the box with the Zephyr, Jasper and Trinity (Slim) motherboards – and can also be updated for any future code changes / motherboard revisions.

Simply connect the included Phat or Slim adapter to the Xecuter CoolRunner and away you go.

Easily dump your nand with the Xecuter NAND-X and then install the Xecuter CoolRunner to get instant access to homebrew and beyond !

Easy install for anyone who can solder. The Slim is 7 wires and the Phat is 6 wires.

NOTE: Beside the Coolrunner it self, you will need:

- QSB PCB (XB360 phat or slim), strongly recommended for every installation
- CK3i to power coolrunner to flash
- CK3i to Nand-x update cable
- CoolRunner LPT cable
- Nandx to coolrunner update cable

We will offer all those cables shortly.

Cables included are: 1 for XB360 phat + 1 for XB360 Slim


  • Works with both Phat and Slim in one device
  • Unique design - do not confuse with other brands that have copied the public schematics
  • Optimized timing for each motherboard version
  • Compatible with all Xbox kernel versions
  • Easy programming via JTAG
  • Power LED
  • Reset Cycle LED
  • Easy Install (7 Wires Slim, 6 Wires Phat)
  • Powered by CK3 Lite, CK3 Pro or CK3i for JTAG Programming
  • Works perfectly with the world famous Xecuter NAND-X
  • Trusted Xecuter Design & Warranty

    *Not available for the old Xenon motherboards.

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