Terms of purchase


Orders are primarily done using the shopping cart of the online shop. Navigate the sections using the menu or use the search box to find the items you want to order.
You will be asked to provide your name and adress and to choose from severay payment methods at checkout. Costs for items, tax and shipping that will be charged is displayed before you commit your purchase. If you are receiving the items in a country outside the European Union - be prepared to pay local fees and taxes as you will be importing the goods.

You will receive an automatic confirmation by email. The confirmation is not an agreement of purchase. The order can still be cancelled by us - or by you - because of any reason. Most often because you found an item that we just can not provide anymore but have not yet removed or updated on the website. However, when we manually activate the order, the purchase agreement is finalized. If you paid using a credit card it will be debited at this point. If you choose to pay by invoice - the invoice will be created and sent by email.

If you want to order by email, send your name and adress information and list the item(s) you are looking to buy to psxcare@netcare.se.
If you want to order by phone, please call +46 8 615 21 60.

If you order by email or phone, you need to pay in advance to our bank, using Swish mobile payment or using PayPal.
If you visit our physical store in Stockholm, you can pay using cash, credit card or Swish.



Company Details

NetCare AB
Ringvägen 90
118 60 Stockholm

Organisation Registration Number 556435-7506
EU VAT Number SE556435750601

Phone number +46 8 615 21 60
Email psxcare@netcare.se


Information about prices, shipping fees and delivery time

All prices are based on swedish Krona (SEK). You can choose to see the prices in other currencies, but they are calculated using rates that is different from the payment gateway / credit card rate. The checkout price will be in SEK and if you use a foreign bank or credit card the exact amount will depend on their current rate. All prices include swedish VAT if the delivery address is in Sweden or any other EU country. If the delivery address is outside EU the price is NOT including any taxes and you will most likely be charged import fees and sales tax when the package arrive in your country.

We reserve our right to cancel any order for reasons such as items out of stock, price changes, incorrectly displayed or calculated prices or shipping costs, tax calculation mistakes or any other mistake. If that would happen you will be contacted and offered the corrected prices or information that the order have been cancelled.

Shipping fees are calculated based on package weight, size, delivery time, destination and shipping company. There is no fee for customers who will pick up their order in our shop.


Customers in Sweden can pay their order by invoice. We offer that service in cooperation with AfterPay (Arvato FInance AB).

Payment terms is 14 days. You need to be at least 18 years old and be nationally registered to a swedish address. You also need to pass a credit check that is done at checkout. Complete terms are available here.

The invoice is emailed from AfterPay, it is not included in the order and shipping confirmation emails sent from PsxCare. Check your inbox and spam folders. Contact us if you have not received the invoice within a few days of receiving your order.

If payment is late, AfterPay will send a reminder with added late payment fees. The fee is SEK 60:- at the time of writing. There will also be a 2% interest added from the invoice due date. If the invoice is still not paid, the invoice will go to debt collection and a fee of SEK 180:- will be added.

Afterpays behandling av personuppgifter

Afterpay will collect and use your personal information. The personal information will be processed as needed to fulfill the agreement, and the information will be used to check identity- and credit checks using internal and external databases. For more details regarding how AfterPay will process your personal information and your rights regarding the processing please read more here.

NetCare AB reserve the right to deny purchase or delivery and reconsider the buyers credit viability.

AfterPay might give you the opportunity to split your payment. For more information and terms read more here.

To apply for account or split payments you need to apply for a credit and accept the terms. You can do this at www.myafterpay.se.

If you want information regarding a denied credit application, please call AfterPay.

The fees for AfterPay Account and AfterPay split payments are shown below. They are only applied if you decide to change the 14 day invoice to a longer term of payment. If you pay your invoice in time, there will be NO ADDED FEES.



Arrangement Fee 0 SEK
Administration fee 29 SEK
Reminder Fee 60 SEK
Late Payment Fee 80 SEK
Monthly rate 1,63 %

Effective Interest Rate Account

This example is calculated on a SEK 10.000:- purchase, with payments split over 12 months. The effective yearly interest will be 28,72%. The total amount to pay will be SEK 11.435:-

Installment Terms

Number of Months 3 6 12 24 36  
Arrangement Fee 95 195 195 295 295 SEK
Administration Fee 29 29 29 29 29 SEK
Reminder Fee 60 60 60 60 60 SEK
Late Payment Dee 80 80 80 80 80 SEK
Monthly interest rate 0 0 0,83 0,83 0,83 %

Visit www.afterpay.se/en/terms-and-conditions for complete and current terms.
Login at www.myafterpay.se to see your payment options.

Orders are usually shipped the same day if you order before 15.00. If we are very busy, there can be a 1-2 delay before the package is shipped.

Larger packages are sent with Postnord Mypack or DHL Service Point. For international packages, the shipping provider can vary. Smaller packages might be sent straight to your mailbox, but can also be delivered to your post office. Delivery time within Sweden is usually 1-2 working days after we have shipped the order. International delivery times will vary.

If you forget to collect your package at the post office / serviced point and it ends up being returnet to us you will be charged for all shipping costs incurred as well as an administrative fee. The fee is at least SEK 200:- for smaller packages or SEK 450:- for larger packages. For international packages, the costs will be substantially higher. Items that are customised or on special order because you asked us to deliver items that is not products we advertise will be charged at full value. Unpaid fees will be debt-collected and reminder fees and debt collection fees will be added.


Your right to return products

Before you return an item, regardles the reason, we advice that you contact us. We will provide you with a return reference and instructions on how to pack and ship. If you have regretted your purchase within the terms of the EU consumer laws, you have no obligation to state your reason. You are also entitled to use the standard form that "Konsumentverket" has available here: Konsumentverkets Standardblankett För Ånger

Items ordered online or any other form of placing the order when not present in our store can be returned if you inform us that you want to regret your order and return the items within 14 days of receiving the goods. When you have informed us, you need to return the items within 14 days of contacting us. There are some type of products that you are not allowed to return.

We do recommend that you read about your consumer rights for more information regarding your rights to return items.


This is the basic rules:

- You have 14 days to regret.
- You dont have to inform us about why you regret the purchase.
- The 14 day term starts when you have received the package.
- The right to return is nog valid if sealed sound- or video recordings or computer software has been opened.
- You must keep the item in the same condition as it was received. You may not use the item more than you need to determine its qualities. You must be careful with it.
- If the item is handled in a way that will lower its resell value, we will deduct the change in value from the money you will get credited.
- You must pay the return shipping costs and you carry the risk of lost or damaged goods while in transit.

When you buy our pickup your order in our store, you do not have the legal right to regret or return. If you want the option to return anything you are purchasing, talk to us. Also make sure to have your agreed time to return noted on the receipt we give you.

Warranty and Repairs

We offer a one year warranty on the products we sell, unless stated otherwise. The warranty does not cover normal wear. It also does not cover spare parts such as optical laser units that will be damaged immediately if handled without proper ESD precautions. If the item is opened or any attempts to modify or repair have been done, warranty is void. Do not remove any stickers that are covering screws or otherwise are placed to detect tampering.
We do not accept warranty claims based on compatability problems with other accessories or systems.
Contact us if you have a warranty claim. We might be able to solve it via email or phone. We will provide you with shipping labels if you need to return anything by post. Returned items must be properly packaged, we will not accept warranty claims if the product is damaged in transport due to improper packaging. If the problem is not due to a fault with the product itself, we reserve the right to charge a testing fee and shipping costs for the shipping from the customer to us, as well as for shipping it out to the customer again.
If you have purchased as a private person and not as a company, you have three years to claim a product defect. The claim must be related to a fault that was present on the item at the time of purchase/delivery. If it has been more than 6 months since the purchase date, you must be able to provide proof that the fault was present from the time of purchase/delivery. You also have an obligation to make the claim within reasonable time from finding out about it.

If you find yourself in disagreement with us/the seller, please read about the common EU portal for dealing with shopper vs seller disagreements: European Union Online Dispute Resolution.