Send appliances to us for repair

Would you like to send your
phone / video game console / computer / dvd reader or other device
to us for repair / modification?

(Of course, you can leavy your device to us at our store, this page is mainly for information on how to send items here for repair / modification by post)

Do this:

Write your name, your address, your phone number and what you want us to do/repair/modify on a note.
Inform CLEARLY if the appliance requires 110V or any other circumstance that we need to be aware of.

You place this note together with the device to be sent. Pack well. Use original cartons if possible, but make sure all packing material is intact. Please include your remote control/gamepad unless you are sending any of the following consoles that we have plenty of controllers for: Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, XBOX, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch.

The item requires packing so well that the contents of the package can withstand a fall from one meter without taking damage.  You take all the risk of shipping, both return and return. We cannot promise to improve the packaging when we return the appliance to you.
Send the package using PostNord in Sweden. If you use any other courier, please make sure to use a service that will deliver to our door. We have limited opportunity to go and pick up packages that have ended up at different delivery points for these freight forwarders.
Save the package receipt. This receipt contains a package tracking number. Using this tracking number on the postnord or other shipping providers homepage, you can see where the package is located during transit.

Our adress is:
NetCare AB
Tomtebogatan 4
113 39 Stockholm

Return shipping is always added to repair costs, regardless of whether the appliance was repairable or not. You can always choose to have us discard the appliance if you do not want to pay return shipping for something that ended up not being repaired.