Digilent C-Mod - Chip för Reset Glitch Hack (JTAG) (liten bild)

Digilent C-Mod - Chip for Reset Glitch Hack (JTAG)

Digilent C-Mod - Chip for Reset Glitch Hack (JTAG)

JTAG for Xbox 360 Slim and older devices with Jasper / Falcon / Zephyr motherboards
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With Diligent C-Mod, you can launch unsigned code on your Xbox 360 Slim or Xbox 360 with Zephyr / Falcon / Jasper motherboard.

We sell Diligent C-Mod in several packages so choose the package that suits you best. Keep in mind that Reset Glitch Hack only works with Xbox 360 Slim and Zephyr, Falcon and Jasper motherboards on the older models.


Programmed + components
Diligent C-Mod comes pre-programmed with the components you need for the motherboard you selected.

Diligent C-Mod comes pre-programmed and assembled for the motherboard you have selected.

Mounted and clear
If you come in with your device, we install Diligent C-Mod for you!
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