iXtreme LT/ LT+  DROPIN omflashning SLIM/LITE-ON/BENQ/HITACHI/SAMSUNG medan du väntar!

iXtreme LT / LT + DROPIN re-flash SLIM / LITE-ON / BENQ / HITACHI / SAMSUNG while you wait!

iXtreme LT / LT + DROPIN re-flash SLIM / LITE-ON / BENQ / HITACHI / SAMSUNG while you wait!

We update your XBOX 360 with the latest iXtreme firmware - usually without waiting time!
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iXtreme LT / LT + DROPIN re-flash SLIM / LITE-ON / BENQ / HITACHI / SAMSUNG while you wait! is available to buy in increments of 1

Products in stock will be shipped out the same day or the day after you order.

Please give us a call if you have any questions
+46 8 615 21 60

You may return regretted purchases within 14 days of receiving the package.

Am I running to get my Xbox 360 flashed?


Step 1
Submit it at our store at Blekingegatan 16 (sødermalm Stockholm).
You can also submit it, click on the "Submit Your Device" button in the "Service Info" menu.
Take / send with a USB flash drive if you want a copy of the original file backup normally backed up.

step 2
Wait, depending on how much we have to do, it can take anywhere from twenty minutes to a couple of hours.
Packages we receive will usually be sent back the next working day.

Step 3
When your Xbox 360 is ready you will receive a text message. Then you bring your wallet and come back to the workshop.
If you have sent your Xbox 360, you will receive an avi in the mailbox or an SMS from the mail when your device is available for pickup at the nearest delivery point.
Flashing of all older Xbox 360 500: -
Flashing of early SLIM models with so-called kamikaze mod on DVD reader models Slim LiteOn 9504, 0225, 0225u, 0272, 0401 700: -
Flashing of newer SLIM models requiring new control cards for the DVD reader "LTU" on the DVD reader models LiteOn 1175, 1532 1495: -


We do not guarantee one hundred percent LIFE SECURITY *. >> Read more in the forum! <<

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you save the unique key that you read the urdvd reader before flashing with iXtreme LT. Previously, you could very easily read the key from a DVD reader already flashed mediXtreme. But if you have flashed with iXtreme LT then you have to solder and interrupt the circuit boards in order to read the information again. We will now take this kind of work from 2010/20/10 SEK 400 for. Please bring a USB memory if you submit your 360 for flashing with iXtreme LT and you will bring all files home. We save all files here, but can guarantee that we can always find the files if you come back at some point to update.


Update of Xbox 360 flashed with us 350: -


Flashing loose DVD readers from older 360, not Slim)   350: -

Click here to see what kind of reader you have .
See here for Slim devices:
If any of the values are correct because you have the right reader you are welcome, we will open up your device to check properly. Unfortunately we do not detect the new slim 0411 reader without having a screwdriver console, which probably means that the warranty is forfeited.

Does the Xbox 360 flash on Xbox Live?


We cannot guarantee that you are safe on Xbox Live when you violate their user agreement. We recommend that you make sure attsina games are patched correctly to work as well as possible not to run games before they are released in stores.

To be able to run online today, you must have iXtreme LT + v3.0If you update your Xbox 360 from a previous iXtreme firmware, there is a risk that it is flagged, even if you have never plugged in a network cable and you get banned within a couple of weeks.

Check out all the games in the LATEST version of ABGX360 before and after double-check out them to make sure they are properly patched. For support of ABGX360 we refer to our forum where there are many good users.

New with iXtreme LT Plus 3.0 and AP25 checks in 2.0.12611.0 dashboard also.  
As of the November 2010 dashboard update, there have been new disk drives (AP25) that do not work with previous Benq and liteonixtreme software. At the end of 2011, the AP25 protection began to upgrade further, which is managed by the new iXtreme 3.0, but backups with that protection must be rebranded after the latest ABGX360 was used to insert the new "ap25 profile data" sector iISO file.


iXtreme LT Plus Card Facts:

- Available for deflated Samsung, Hitachi, Benq and Liteon readers

- DOES NOT work with spoofed drives, ie you must have the same model of DVD reader installed that was manufactured during manufacture. Many 360s had the DVD reader replaced some years ago when it was not possible to flash a little on. Find out dinlite-on if you have it left so you don't have to buy a new one when it's time to upgrade.

- Version 3.0 is NOT needed for Samsung or older Hitachi (all except v78 / v79) as these are "immune" to the AP25 protection. iXtreme LT + v2.0 will therefore correspond to v3.0 to other readers. So there is no need to wait to update.

Current firmware versions

2011-11-28 HITACHI- iXtreme LT + (Plus) 2.0
2012-12-25 HITACHI   78/79 - iXtreme LT + (plus) 3.0
2012-01-15 SLIM LITE-ON - iXtreme LT + (Plus) 3.0
2013-02-xx SLIM LITE-ON 1175/1532 -iXtreme LT Ultimate 1.2
2011-12-25 BENQ - iXtreme LT + (Plus) 3.0
2011-12-25 LITE-ON- iXtreme LT + (Plus) 3.0
2011-10-03 SAMSUNG- iXtreme LT 2.0

* Lifetime security means that the manufacturer of iXtreme said that you cannot be banned from LIVE at the time of publication, this can change over time as Microsoft actively tries to counteract consoles that can run backup games

Page last updated 12/02/2013


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