JTAG montering - Kör spel från intern/extern hårddisk (liten bild)

JTAG mounting - Run games from internal / external hard drive

JTAG mounting - Run games from internal / external hard drive

We hack your XBOX 360 so you can run games from USB / internal hard drive etc.
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Vikan mount chip for Reset Glitch Hack (RGH) on Xbox 360 Slim (Trinity and Corona) and also updated older devices with Zephyr, Falcon and Jasper motherboards. This costs SEK 995 and basically provides the same functionality as the original JTAG described below.


Only for "advanced users", do you need support then the support forum and help users among themselves is the one that applies.
If you have an older XBOX 360 without HDMI, it must be manufactured before about June 6, 2009 and have a very old system / dashboard version - max 2.0.7371.
If your XBOX360 has HDMI it will have a maximum of 2.0.14719.0. As well as it is an Xbox 360Slim machine so it can have max 2.0.16202.0.

This is an INSTALLATION so your 360 must be submitted or sent to our store.

We reprogram the NAND memory in your XBOX 360 so you can use Freeboot, XEXMENU, run LINUX etc.
We are currently using the latest Freeboot (15xxx) which makes the DIN console region-free!

Contact us at the store for more information, each installation tailored to your wishes.

+ Start games from USB connected hard drive (FAT32 or HFS +)
+ Start games from the regular 360 hard drive (20/60/120 / 250GB)
+ Copy games from disc to any hard drive connected to your 360 (original disc or external FAT32)
+ Start fully unlocked XBOX LIVE ARCADE games from your hard drive

We leave connections in the box so that it is easy to read / write the nand with an LPC-H2148 adapter and nandpro.

We modify the motherboard so that updates cannot burn "fuses" (prevents updates that make the xbox immune to "nand / jtag hack") but to avoid problems we recommend NOT allowing new games to install new updates.

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