X360dock - Starta spel som ligger på hårddisken i din PC (liten bild)

X360dock - Launch games located on the hard drive of your PC

X360dock - Launch games located on the hard drive of your PC

The X360Dock is an adapter that allows you to start games from ISO files located on your PC
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The X360Dock is mounted between the motherboard and the DVD player inside an Xbox 360.

You choose on your PC which game you want to start. You can also select games via the touchscreen from the x360dock Module 2 adapter which can be purchased separately.

When you select a game, the chip Xbox 360 drives the game into the reader as a disc.

When mounting, it is required to read out the key from the DVD player that is in the Xbox 360. This requires the right tools and knowledge. If you do not want to do this yourself, we can mount the X360Dock for 500 SEK. If you have a "thick" 360 then flashing of the DVD reader is included in the price if you wish.

  • Easy to use, select games on your PC.
  • Works with both older and new slim Xbox 360 models.
  • Works with most Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 games.
  • Uses USB2 for maximum transfer speed.
  • Works with AP25 games.
  • Works with XGD3 games.
Avoid updating the X360Dock or the console with new system versions / firmware right when they come out, Google and visit our support forum first and read about any issues. If the update goes wrong, you may need to disassemble the xbox to restore the chip's firmware. We charge 350 SEK if we do it in the store. Any shipping will be added. If you disassemble the box yourself, you will break our guarantee seal, which can mean that we refuse a warranty repair if something breaks within the warranty period (12 months).

Features List Module 1:
• Direct PC HDD USB ISO Loading - The x360dock allows you to play ISO games directly off of your computers internal hard drive.
• Clean Mode - This feature allows the x360dock to still function, even after Microsoft releases an update to the Xbox 360 console.
• A nice friendly GUI - The GUI is very simple, and easy to use.
• Solderless - No need for any additional tools for installation.
• Compatibility - The x360dock works with all Xbox 360s, except for those with certain disc drives. A compatibility table can be found here.
• Support most xbox 360 and Xbox 1 games
• AP25 support - Games with the AP26 Anti-Piracy measures can play just fine.
• XGD3 support - Games in XDG3 Format play just fine.
• Support different file formats - including NTFS, EXT2 / 3/4, and Mac OS X Extended
• Easy Assemble / Disassemble - The x360dock can be assembled, and disassembled as many times as wanted to different Xbox 360s. However, in order to use the x360dock, you must have your Xbox 360s disc drive keys, which are different for each Xbox 360. To obtain the keys, additional hardware is needed.
• Power Reduction - The x360dock, makes it so the original disc drive in your Xbox 360 doesn't have to work. By doing so your disk drive lens is not as stressed, and the disc drive does not have to consume as much power.
• USB 2.0 support - The x360dock supports USB 2.0, meaning you can transfer data faster to the Xbox 360 console.
• DVD / DL / Multigame compatible - The x360dock allows you to play games that have multiple discs, as well as support for single layer games.
• Full upgradeable by USB / JTAG - The x360docks firmware can be upgraded via USB cable, or by a JTAG programming cable.
• Drive mode - This feature allows you to use your Xbox 360's original disc drive, in order to play legitimate disc games.

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