Drive Doctor for Nintendo Wii (liten bild)

Drive Doctor for Nintendo Wii

Drive Doctor for Nintendo Wii

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Drive Doctor is the ultimate home mod tool!
The trouble with most games consoles, is you can't modify the game code when it's running. Sure, you can use tools such as Datel's own Action Replay game enhancers to input all sorts of cheats and enhancements, but there's no straightforward way for amateur programmers and techie tinkers to get inside the disk drive's memory, investigating how it works and trying out modifications and tweaks you've programmed yourself. Thankfully, if you're a Wii owner Datel has come to the rescue with Drive Doctor, the ultimate aid for the hardcore tinkerer and amateur programmer. With Drive Doctor for your Nintendo Wii, you can gain unique insight into the under-the-bonnet operation of your console, examining, analyzing and altering the Wii drive's memory ...

Drive Doctor connects to your PC via a high speed USB (cable supplied). It allows you to view and modify the DVD drive's memory in real time. Drive Doctor's powerful ARM7 processor, running at 60MHz, makes read and write operations quick and easy. You can then review its innermost operations, watching your Wii software in action through Drive Doctor's PC application. You can even add data of your own, all from your PC. Drive Doctor's memory and command views give you a unique insight into the innermost workings of your Wii's drive memory, and even lets you make on-the-fly adjustments. You can read status, write data, send control commands, report the drive status and more. By injecting your own code into the data stream, you can create your own effects and experiment with modifying the program. It? S fun! And as the Wii home brew scene grows and prospers, the device will also come in handy for playing freely-downloadable software straight from your console.

Fitting Drive Doctor requires little soldering, so make sure you have your precision soldering iron handy (not supplied). Full fitting instructions are supplied. It's a fairly simple task, requiring you to connect just five wires. After that, the unit just clips to the back of your console. It remains in place even when not in use - just unplug your USB cable and you can use your Wii in the usual way. It's styled to match the console, and completely unintrusive when not in use.

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