Batteriladdare inklusive biladapter. (liten bild)

Battery charger including car adapter.

Battery charger including car adapter.

Battery charger for use at home or in the car
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With Datel's you can charge your second battery and still use your PSP on the
move. It only takes around two hours to charge a fully-flat battery, so
it's a little quicker than using your PSP as a charger. Rechargeable batteries
have a finite lifespan, and the PSPs are no exception. A PSP battery has a
preset limit of 500 charges after which it rolls over and dies. This charge
limit is set by the manufacturer, and cannot be overridden when charging your
battery in your console. However, Datel's Battery Charger contains an
intelligent system that checks the state of your battery, and if it's still in
working order, recharges even after its 500-charge limit. It lets you charge up
up to 600 times, extending its lifespan by around 20%.


- This product is not intended to be used with psp slim batteries

- Charge your spare battery while using your PSP.
- LED status indicator.
- Increases battery life.

- Includes safety features.

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