PS3 Laser - Ps3 Blu-Ray - Ps3 Blålaser inkl. montering (liten bild)

PS3 Laser - Ps3 Blu-Ray - Ps3 Blue laser incl. mounting

PS3 Laser - Ps3 Blu-Ray - Ps3 Blue laser incl. mounting

Can't play your games anymore?
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If your Ps3 stops reading your games, a laser switch can help solve the problem.
85% of cases where your Ps3 stopped reading your Blue Laser titles (Games and Movies), it is enough to replace the laser unit.
Lasers are extremely sensitive to ESD discharges so we only install these for our customers and chose not to sell loose laser parts.

When we troubleshoot the unit we first stop in a "Test / Reference laser" and we measure the laser power and check that the control board in the DVD unit does not send leakage / reverse current to the laser causing it to burn up prematurely. This is a time-consuming process and unfortunately is no guarantee that the machine's health will not deteriorate over time.
But it is a better solution than blindly stopping in a new laser and hoping for the best.

If your Ps3 goes through all our checks and measurements and test runs cost a total of SEK 995, but if it turns out that your machine sends leak power to the laser that can cause it to die prematurely, we would rather choose not to complete the repair and in In that case you only pay SEK 350 for troubleshooting / service charge.

To consider if you choose to buy a laser is that different Ps3 units have different models of lasers, this is not something you have to worry about when you hand in the machine for service with us .

We always recommend that our customers first check that no more than 3 years have passed since the date of purchase and first contact the point of purchase to exercise the right of claim for three years before submitting your Ps3 for service with us. If you do not have a receipt for a purchase or the warranty has expired or you have been notified of long repairs or high repair costs, you are welcome to us.
If we do not succeed, by all means, we only charge a service fee of SEK 350, so check if you can get it repaired / replaced using the right of complaint first.

Hard disk data is not affected by the repair as we, unlike official service workshops, perform service on the product you submitted and do not replace the entire console.

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