Överföring av data (liten bild)

Transmission of data

Transmission of data

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If you have purchased a new Xbox360 or hard drive but want to transfer data from your old disk to your new one but do not have the knowledge or the equipment or the energy ourselves, we perform this service for SEK 350.
The process takes about one hour per machine (The time may vary depending on the Service Queue) and is done only with official Microsoft approved methods so as not to risk the Ban Listing from Live.

We use Official Transfer Cables as well as Microsoft's transfer software to move data from one 360 HDD to another.
Even Microsoft cannot guarantee a 100% result, and we cannot guarantee this either.
(Everything depends on the condition of your old HDD and unforeseen events such as power failure, the console or hard drive freezes in the middle of transmission, etc.)

Normally this usually goes well and to tie up the licenses you have for the Marketplace purchased games you visit as a customer since http://www.xbox.com/DRM and register for your console.
* This is only allowed once (1) per year and is performed by you after we have completed the transfer. *

NOTE !!! This is not an orderable product but a service we perform at our workshop!

What we need for transfer is this:
? When we are going to transfer data from a 360 console "Not slim" (The console, the old hard drive that is on this and the new 360 hard drive you want to transfer data to. No power supplies, game controllers or video cables are needed.)
? When we are going to transfer data to a Slim 360 console (360 Slim Console with built-in hard drive, your old 360 hard drive and the main part at the moment when we do not have any in stock ourselves).

Also keep in mind that with original software it is not possible to transfer data from disks of smaller size than the source disk, see example below, it is worth noting that information on target disk is first formatted o then the data is moved from the source disk o when this process is completed, the source disk is formatted After all, everything is safe on the target disk, According to Microsoft, our methods will also work on the new 360 Slim 250Gb model :

Source Goal
20GB 20GB
20GB 60GB
20GB 120GB
20GB 250GB
60GB 60GB
60GB 120GB
60GB 250GB
120GB 120GB
120GB 250GB
250GB 250GB
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