Spider X360 Ersätter LTU PCB för DG-16D5S DVD (liten bild)

Spider X360 Replaces LTU PCB for DG-16D5S DVD

Spider X360 Replaces LTU PCB for DG-16D5S DVD

This solution allows you to run DVD backups of your owned games
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You will be able to play all your backups (XGD1, XGD2, XGD3 Xbox and Xbox 360 DVD format) even on Live - at your own risk.

• A NAND dump of a console with a matching device (Lite-ON DG16D5S or Hitachi DLN10N 0500/0502 *)
• CPU KEY of the console above
• SpiderX360 Circuit Board
• USB programmer
• spiderx360 unlock manager
• Small piece of wire, soldering station, etc.

Identifieraxbox 360 slim motherboard
Xbox360 Slim
(on machine)
storage Media production period Extra
Trinity16MB NAND 10,83A hdd / internal memory Does not matter :) -
Coronav1 16MB NAND 9,6A hard disk Front c: a2012-06-01 -
Coronav3 16MB NAND 9,6A hard disk After 2012-06-01 Postfixadapter
Coronav2 4GB MMC 9,6A internal memory Front c: a2012-06-01 -
Coronav4 4GB MMC 9,6A internal memory After 2012-06-01 Postfixadapter
MMC = Buy SD-TOOL NAND = Buy a Nand programmer

We carry out flashing of 360 Slim liteon 1175 and SEK 1532 - 1195: -
while 360 slim hitachi - 1695: -
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