CronusMax Plus - universal adapter för tv-spelskontroller.  (liten bild)

CronusMax Plus - universal adapter for video game controls.

CronusMax Plus - universal adapter for video game controls.

Cronus Max Plus converts XBOX 360 - XBOX One - PS3 - PS4 and PC game controllers between each system
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Cronux Max Plus lets you use your favorite game controller on almost any video game console.

For example, you can use the Xbox One Elite handheld when playing on a PS4 without experiencing any delay and with all the handheld features intact.

CronusMax Plus supports all versions of Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation TV and Windows PC

You can also make it work with Android or e.g. Nvidia Shield if you obtain an OTG charge / data cable.

You can use the mouse and keyboard even with games that are normally only playable by game controller. However, you must use a PC with Windows where you use the computer's mouse / keyboard to play with.

You can use the Logitech G25, G27 and Driving Force GT as well as some Fanatec knobs on the PS4 with full support for Force Feedback, gear lever and pedal rack.

Professional players appreciate "Zero Team Tournament Mode" where you use Cronus Max to play directly with cable instead of wireless bluetooth.

You can move around all the functions between different buttons on the controller, and program the consequences of button presses (macros) activated by a single button press.

Buy for Magic Boots if you don't want to have an original game controller plugged in.

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