Retro HDMI Adapter

ODV Retroplay for HDMI adapter

ODV Retroplay for HDMI adapter

Perfect HDMI adapter for all RETRO consoles!

Composite Video, S-Video and Component Video for HDMI

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ODV - Original Drawing Video

ODV is designed primarily with Retro consoles in mind

It is a line doubler / de-interlacer with almost non-existent conversion delay, at an unusually low price.

You can connect video games via regular composite / composite video, ie yellow + red + white RCA cable where the yellow is for the picture and the white + red is for the sound. Really old consoles may only have one channel sound, then you connect the sound to any white or red connection.

You get better picture quality if the video game has S-video, then you connect the S-video cable to the corresponding input on the adapter. You still use red / white connections for the sound.

You get the best possible image quality with slightly newer consoles that can be connected with component video. Then 5 RCA cables are used. Three cables with red, green and blue connectors are for the picture, and white + red for the sound.

The adapter requires 5V power supply from a USB charger or USB port. USB cable included, but charger / AC part not included. Use a standard mobile charger or the like.

Technical data

  • Micro USB, 5V / 1A power supply (adapter not included)
  • Inputs: YPbPr Component Component Video, S-Video, Composite Composite Video, RCA Stereo
  • Supported formats: 240P, 480i, 288i, 576i, NTSC, PAL, PAL60
  • HDMI output 480p, 576p, and pass-through mode that give the same output signal as input.
  • Filter: Smooth filter
  • Latency: lower than 1 frame or non-existent
  • Function modes / modes: Line double mode, Line double mode with filter, Pass through mode, Half Color mode / Full Color mode

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