Original Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Kit (liten bild)

Original Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Kit

Original Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Kit

Transfer your old data to a new Xbox360 hard drive
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The perfect cable for anyone planning to expand the space or transfer files from your old hard drive to another. The Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Kit cable is designed for the Xbox 360 and lets you transfer files from one 360 HDD to another. We use these cables ourselves when we unlock HDD crippled disks or add XeX Menu to our customers who let us J-Tag hack their consoles.
Note that it does not come with a transfer disc or hard drive with this cable, and keep in mind that a 360 disk is not visible in a Win-os or Mac-os system directly, but requires programs running to give you access to the disk. More about that in our support forum.

Also keep in mind that with original software it is not possible to transfer data from disks of smaller size than the source disk, see example below, it is worth noting that information on target disk is first formatted and then the data is moved from the source disk over and when that process is completed, the source disk is formatted when everything is safe on the target counter.

Source Goal
20GB 20GB
20GB 60GB
20GB 120GB
20GB 250GB
60GB 60GB
60GB 120GB
60GB 250GB
120GB 120GB
120GB 250GB
250GB 250GB

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