Samsung DVD-läsare till Xbox 360 (liten bild)

Samsung DVD reader for Xbox 360

Samsung DVD reader for Xbox 360

Samsung DVD reader for Xbox 360. Even with firmware for backup - better than KREON!
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To get the drive flashed it costs 250 SEK extra.
To get it mounted in a machine at the same time it costs an additional 200 SEK.
In order for us to deliver your DVD reader flashed and ready to use in your own XBOX 360, you must provide us with either an unread firmware (orig.bin) from your original DVD reader, or the unique key in text form, SAMT model number and exact version number from the original dvd reader.
Your base unit does not accept a DVD reader where the unique key stored in the DVD reader firmware does not match the unique key stored in the base unit. It also does not accept that you make make / version on the DVD reader, so we have to "spoof" the correct make / version when we flash in firmware. This means that the DVD reader identifies itself as e.g. a Samsung MS28 although it is actually a Hitachi V47.
If you choose to have the DVD reader delivered with "xtrm0800.bin" then we deliver the DVD reader without a unique key, you cannot use it in your xbox 360 then, BUT you can connect the DVD reader to your PC to make your own backups from original games. These backups are more secure than making backups with a so-called "KREON" modified DVD reader.
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