Xbox 360 TX RROD PRO III Kit  (liten bild)

Xbox 360 TX RROD PRO III Kit

Xbox 360 TX RROD PRO III Kit

Save your Xbox 360 from Red Ring of Death
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This package contains the ultimate solution that often helps if your Xbox 360 has stopped booting but instead just flashes with the lights.
NOTE - Always call Microsoft Support 020-79 11 33 before attempting to repair yourself. - Usually an extended 3-year warranty applies to Xbox 360 consoles with these errors.
This KIT contains what you need to repair EN 360.

This kit contains:
Opening tools for your machine, screwdrivers of type torx 10 and torx 8
cooling device for gpu and cpu,
cooler for south bridge and ana / hana circuits.
cooling pads for the frame memories
+ screws and washers etc.
and some other small and good. (see product image two or manufacturer's website link for full specification)

If you do not want to repair yourself, we will repair most Xbox 360 with RROD for 1000: -
When we perform repairs do NOT use this kit but use a number of custom methods depending on which error code the unit shows.
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